(d) Clutch R&R Tool, MT-113

This tool is used to hold both clutch basket and hub in order to remove both of these items. You'll need this tool to safely R&R that clutch assembly, especially if you are installing an aftermarket clutch basket like the Barnett product or one of the slipper clutches. The tool is CNC machined Aluminum 6061 T6 and steel fittings. This tool is equiped with a tang that allows you to fix the tool to one of the bolt locations that are present after you remove the clutch cover - takes away the ackwardness of other clutch tools that require you to hold the tool while trying to remove or install the hub nut and/or the clutch basket cap screws. This tool will work with all modern 6 speed Ducati's equipped with a dry clutch.  Made in USA by MotoReva.  In Stock.