(f) Alternator Cover Puller, MT-100

This tool will aid in the safe removal of the left hand engine alternator cover on all modern belt driven 2V and 4V Ducati's (Monster, Multistrada, 600, 620, 748, 749, 750, 800, 848, 851, 888, 900, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1000, 1098, 1198). As Ducati and service shops have switched to liquid sealeants, getting this cover removed without marring the sealing surfaces has gotten more difficult. This puller allows for controlled application of cover removal tension during the cover removal procedure. It makes removing the alternator cover to check that pesky alternator nut a breeze! This tool will work with the newer 5 bolt water pump covers and the 520 watt alternators as well.
The tool body is made from 1018 steel and comes with a grade 8.8 fine thread bolt.  Made in USA by MotoReva.  In Stock.