(a) Cam Belt Harmonic Meter, MT-112

The MotoReva cam belt harmonic meter takes an acoustic measurement of the vibrations of a strummed cam belt and counts the vibrations over a set time period to determine the frequency of vibration. The frequency of vibration of the belt is a function of the belt tension. The greater the tension, the greater the resonant frequency of vibration.

The meter is comprised of an impact resistant meter body which houses an LCD read out and a hand held probe for taking the acoustic measurement. The probe has a 36 inch long cable to facilitate manuevering the probe sensor face next to the belts.

Our meter has a basic accuracy of plus/minus 1 hz from 50 to 600 hz. The meter is powered by a single 9 vdc battery. The meter is manufactured by MotoReva in the U.S.A.  In Stock.

For additional information, please see the user manual in our "How To" section of the site.